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7 Responses to BREAKING NEWS

  1. Iamkatie says:

    I think that Anna and Christoff have a baby and Elsa finds love

  2. Conniel says:

    cool A I think Its going to be about they meet a long lost sister and she has fire powers and she burns the land and elsa freezes it and Anna makes it normal again

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think so because hes a snow man so no and hes crazy and lady snowmen don’t like crazy

  4. jessd says:

    I think its going to be about annas birthday and elsa wreaks it with her powers ive seen that on youtube there was a pic of olaf eating cake yum yum
    Jessica D

  5. Poppie and Nancy says:

    cool Blog we think that Olaf will find his long lost twin brother and Anna and Cristoph will have a baby and it will get stolen do you think we are right?

  6. Poppie and Nancy says:

    we also think that they all become a family and live in the palace in Arandale

  7. AmyM says:

    Thanks for all the comments on our blog we will be having bloscars soon so please vote for ACL frozen frenzy !!

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