yr6 guides

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5 Responses to yr6 guides

  1. It'slucy says:

    It was good getting involved with a different year group!

  2. GracieC says:

    I really enjoyed showing the year two’s how to start coding. It was really fun! They were great at it! Gracie

  3. Kirsty year 6 says:

    That looks great guys! I think it’s really good to be teaching the younger pupils how to do simple code. I think they would have enjoyed this experienced lots.

  4. Iamed says:

    I had a great time working with the year 2’s on JIT 5!

  5. Macy says:

    I really enjoyed working with the year 2s and helping them with the coding and I would love to do lots more days like this, with other classes as well, because I really enjoy helping them and they always love working with us! 🙂

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