Making Smores

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13 Responses to Making Smores

  1. zachd says:

    great blog,peter

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow! These look yummy. I’ll definitely be making these for The Rossiter family 🙂

    From Libby R’s Mum 🙂

  3. OliviaSt says:

    I meant to say so funny

  4. FreyaS says:

    They were lovely!

  5. CameronP says:

    Made me drawl they look lush. Wish I could of made them

  6. GeorgiaM1 says:

    I would love one !!!

  7. PhoebeMW says:

    They look so nice I wish I was back in your class to make them!!!

  8. danielt says:

    Really tasty Peter, you certainly ENJOYED it! 😉

  9. Jack says:

    Peter the s’mores looks very tasty you could sell them.

  10. bloggerlucie says:

    The s’mores look tasty, I wish I was in your class to have more!

  11. FireEthan says:

    Really nice, I loved eating those s’ mores too!!!

  12. LyalH says:

    Those s’mores are lovely and tasty hope you enjoyed it

  13. BalletMelC says:

    Those s’mores look really delicious…

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