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  1. JosafinaG says:

    I hope you enjoy my harvest poem.

  2. Admin says:

    Mr G:

    I love the fire as a narrator, Josafina! What a brilliant metaphor!

    Do you know personification? It is writing as if objects are alive; I wonder how you could describe a chair…………?

  3. bloggerlucie says:

    I like this poem!
    Like Mr G, I LOVE the bit where it says ‘the fire is a narrator’! I wouldn’t even of thought about that!
    Looking forward to see more of your creative poems!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing imagination!!;)

  5. BenH says:

    WOW realy great and poweful

  6. ScarlettB says:

    I love your poem! It makes me feel all toasty, warm and cosy on a cold winter night drinking a cup of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows……. Memories :)!

  7. FreyaC says:


  8. ElektraP says:

    Wow! I like the way you said the fire is a narrator.

  9. ElektraP says:

    I love your poem! It makes me feel like I am relaxing next to the fire in the winter.

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