The Tornado

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7 Responses to The Tornado

  1. bloggycurtis says:

    If you are so kind to read this and leave a comment i would be really grateful. 🙂

  2. Admin says:

    Mr G

    “Pitch dark night” – great line, Curtis!

    Did you find it a challenge to make this rhyme? Perhaps you can think about effective lines that do not rhyme, next time?

    how about:

    “curved beaked, curved taloned, straight death-dealer.” – what do you think?

    • bloggycurtis says:

      Thank you Mr G will try and make another poem and try it at the moment i am working on a world war one. 🙂

  3. CameronP says:

    Amazing poem Curtis ‘terrible screech’ a brilliant piece of description !!

  4. bloggerlucie says:

    Amazing creative poem Curtis!
    You have alot of good description in it and the poem describes more than the photo!
    I’ll enjoy seeing more of your poems!
    – Lucie

  5. wolfy says:

    Great poem Curtis 🙂 The tornado is described the best as an eagle!

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